Размеры формы не соответствую ГОСТ

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Размеры формы не соответствую ГОСТ

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Добрый день Михаил!

Спасибо Вам за ваш сайт,за то,что делитесь информацией.

Так же спасибо за утилиту Oma dwg ,но есть конструктивная критика.
Таблица спецификации не соответствует требованиям: ГОСТ 21.110-2013 Система проектной документации для строительства (СПДС). Спецификация оборудования, изделий и материалов (с Поправкой) в части размеров колонок.

Надеюсь Вы сможете внести правки и все с удовольствием будут пользоваться данной утилитой.

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Ludka choked. It's one thing to know and assume that your daughter is being fucked in all holes, and it's quite another to see it with your own eyes. I've been coughing, poor thing. And young people only know their positions change. I know from my own experience that fucking in a team turns me on. Not when they fuck one in chorus, but when they fuck side by side. So they do not have time to finish, start over again. It’s a young thing, it’s constantly standing, just substitute your pussy, dear. And how long did you fast.
Without getting up and without raising her eyes, she hugged my waist and pressed her right cheek to her stomach.
"I also want this fame, but come on." When I will learn to suck you like in your porn, and you lick so that I will sparkle before my eyes, then I will give it to you. I will give you me to dishonate me, it is to you, - she looked at him in love with her eyes so naive that he hadn't let him down a slightly tear.
Oh my God, Eve groaned.
What exactly?
Take a phallus and stick it in my beautiful ass! But don't you dare stick your stinky dick in there or I'll cut the fuck off!
Now the conversations between us became easy and relaxed, most of the barriers fell and we enjoyed each other's presence, well, I just got high every second. Before leaving, she stroked my leg and offered to give me her number.
And I began to caress her: tits, papillae, tummy and the rest I cover with kisses. She only groans, choking on her breath. The body moves forward on its own, offering tidbits. So I got to the bottom of the tummy. He cuts his hair and shaves it, his hair on the pip is neat, short. Just a first-year soldier. He parted his scarlet lips, well, not quite scarlet, that's me, for the beauty of the style.

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Keese, I'll have a drink and come back in 5 minutes, ok?
Envy is a bad feeling.
Or maybe I want you at sea for an already lubricated pussy ...
- That is, my barrel will be out of work in some kind of case, and I will work as an imitation, heh, that's something.
I began to pull the jeans down, but they treacherously wrapped around her legs, not wanting to slip, oh, this women's tight-fitting clothes. In the end, I had to pull them down one leg at a time, and the first thing that pleased me so much was no, no, not what you thought, I’m not talking about what she had in her panties, by the way they were black and although the tubercle there seemed to be guessed, I put it aside for a couple of seconds and admired her legs. They were so smooth and so light, not the slightest flaw. I grabbed her ass with both hands, she turned out to be so small, but so tender and warm under her panties!
"Show me?"
I got out of bed. On the one hand, I was ashamed, after all, Tanya was the wife of my father. On the other hand, I really wanted to sleep next to her. Maybe I can touch her ass or legs a little. And if you're lucky, maybe for the chest. I put on shorts and went into my father and stepmother's room. Tanya lay on the bed, covered with a thin blanket almost to her head. I lay down nearby.

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More recently, I thought about expanding the list of available guys for sex and decided to find a pretty man to enjoy his sweet cock and thick sperm. I met one man from an erotic site, talked with him for several days and found out everything I need about him, namely: he is 45, he is a widower and he has a son who is 19 years old, and he lives nearby, and this just great. After all, at any opportunity, I can, without spending a lot of time on the trip, suck on his penis and enjoy it. When the May holidays ended, I wrote that I was ready for a meeting, and he sent his address. There was no limit to my surprise, because this is the address of my headman, whom I have been delighting with my body for about 8 9 months.
We drank, ate and continued talking. Twenty minutes later, Pasha whispered something to Verochka.
They wiped their labored organs with paper napkins and got dressed. The next day we stubbornly mastered the route from home to work. Even Lenochka drove there and back on her own. Then, in the same secluded place, Vadim fucked Lenochka.
When Olya finished for the third time, she lay exhausted, turned her on her tummy, pulling a little off the table. She breasts on the table, legs on the floor, dress on her head. Exposed ass: own it, do what you want. What do we want? stick in and finish.
I also want to feast - Natasha said playfully.
I heard something about it, but in my life I have not come across such men.
I obeyed. Her pussy was clean-shaven, pinkish in color.
Wow, what a handsome man is serving us today. I heard in response from a brunette in her 40s, who was sitting in the center of the table and looking at my thong. She was the most drunk in this company. Of course we will! she answered for everyone Only if you turn your back on us.
Pleased she calmed down, she stood up and turned her back and slapped her buttock. I want you to fuck me in the ass, she said. I just had to get up and put her cancer on the couch. She immediately struck a pose and put her hands on her halves, parting them so that the hole was in sight. It was dark pink and pulsating. I ran my finger over it and made sure it was wide enough to receive a cock.
Then I could not finish, a wave of not human pleasure swept over me.

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When the effect of alcohol was over, I recalled the events of the previous night with shame and a little pride, but I tried not to catch the eye of my short-term partner :) What an adventure!
I did not pull the time and began to look for the clashes of her belt.
On Friday, we signed the act of acceptance of our line and in the evening we went back by train. Our neighbor in the compartment was a woman. Her husband accompanied her. We realized that she was going to the suburbs to his parents. Finally the departure was announced, the husband left and the train started moving. Vadim and I invited our fellow traveler to join our feast during dinner, treated the lady with cognac and began to make her think about sexual contact with us. She easily agreed.
I only remember that at the end, they fucked me as a foursome. Two in the vagina, one in the ass, one in the mouth. But here I have not received physical pleasure, rather the opposite. Here I got moral pleasure, from the knowledge that four men have me at once.
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I'm going to die now, I said.
Hare Markus gently kissed his beloved Ilva (21 years old, 158 cm, 47 kg, slender, female rabbit, red fluffy hair, burrow dwellers guild). The rabbit nestled against a small tree, and Marcus kissed her passionately. He stroked Ilva between the legs with one hand, from which the rabbit moaned softly. Darg crawled even closer and gently stood up. Bounce! The wolf was on the back of the Hare. Markus tried to throw off a larger and heavier opponent, but in vain. Darg's fangs were already biting into Marcus's neck. Blood came out of the wound. Ilva could not move from fear. Gorr was already standing behind her. Marcus fell to the ground and whispered with his last breath, "Run." Darg happily licked the blood on his lips. Gorr easily threw a lasso on Ylva, who was trembling with fear, pressing her hands to her body with a rope at the level of her stomach. A second later, the second rope was at the base of her legs. Gorr tied them tightly and Ylva, hot tears flowing down her face, fell to the ground.
I heard that my grandmother praised that you entered the medical school. Probably, there you are already courting some kind of future nurse.
I don't like to open my soul. But it was a long time ago, and besides, Anyutka clearly wanted to talk. So why not.